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[Goth] Takesuke love!

Hello, all. I'm a relatively new member - I've been lurking for a while - and I just thought I'd share a piece of [Goth]Takesuke fanart.

I drew this back in December, and CG-ed it using Photoshop within the past few weeks. Critiques are welcome and encouraged.

As a side note, Goth TK is owned by Kath, and not myself; I simply borrow him for my fangirl purposes. :3

If anyone is going to Anime Boston, please look out for a Digimon skit in the Masquerade featuring my dearest Naki as Takeru and myself as Daisuke. There will be movie parodies, yaoi, and great rejoicing! :D I may post the cosplay pictures upon their completion..... it depends if I'm bored enough. tehe.

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