Gottis (gottis_chan) wrote in daikeru,

Digimon RPG!

Hello! I wanted to point out my Digimon RPG digi_dome
The RP takes place in an alternate future. The world has suffered a great disaster and is slowly rebuilding. People take refugee in cities built inside huge domes to shield themselves from the - what they think - polluted air. Something strange is going on. Slowly all adults begin to disappear. The children who are left behind all die when they reach their 18th birthday. A group of children decide that they have to find out the answer to the riddle of what happened to the adults, to keep the same fate from happening to them. This is their story...
The RP is based on all four seasons of Digimon, it's very AU, and the only taken character so far is Ichijouji Osamu. Please come check it out! ^_^
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