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Heya! I'm surprised no one else has joined or updated here yet...cuz takesuke/daikeru is one of THE best pairings in digimon. I gotta admit that i like taito/yamachi best...but this pairing is cool too. So much like taito in many ways, but also unique. In short, I luv it. ^^

I guess I should say a few things about myself, since I'm just joining...I'm sixteen, and I live in Canadian puns *please,* lol. I'm pretty much an anime absessed teen...but Digimon is my fave ^^. I saw most of 01 and 02 to get the main plot, but I don't have cable so a lot of the time it was fuzzy when I saw it...yah. I reaallly need to watch the whole thing, I feel so ashamed...*ducks head down* Lol.

I'm an author on as Lil Gold Fishie...all of my digimon fics are taito and there's one with tai and an OC....but that one sucks anyway ^^. I've been thinking of writing a Dai-centric fic though. Maybe I can make it Daikeru *wink wink*, I wrote a lot. ^^;; I think I'll stop here....
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